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Two Kinds Of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Surgery – Options and Tips

March 10th, 2008 — 3:26pm

Orthopedics expert, Dr. John Cluett, advised that when usage of anti- inflammatory medications, wrist brace and cortisone injection does not help relieve carpal tunnel syndrome then most likely, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a chronic, painful inflammation of the hands and wrist, most commonly caused by redundant use of the hands. Carpal Tunnel can affect anyone who uses the wrists and hands in the same way over and over again. Carpal Tunnel strikes writers, assembly line workers, grocery workers are very prone as well as office workers who are computer bound. The inflammation can last for hours or for weeks, it can also be ever present. The most common symptoms are a gnawing pain in the wrists and the tendons of the hands that will not recede, the other symptom is a growing numbness that spreads along the palms of the hands and wrists. Many try and live with the pain, others cannot handle it and seek help.

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