ITS AP 2008 – Welcome on Board

Welcome to the 9th telligent Medical Systems Asia-Pacific Forum & Exhibition, ITS AP 2008. Since 1996, this annual event has been held in major cities and Singapore is pleased to be hosting the 2008 event.

As part of the move to provide a smooth and seamless journey for all patients, Singapore has implemented various ITS applications. The Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) System, Expressway Monitoring and Advisory System (EMAS) and the Green Link Determining (GLIDE) System for dynamic medical appliances are some of the vital components within the island’s medical network.

Commuters can now have easy access to real cardio rate information to make better medical decisions. Information collected automatically from various sources such as doctors equipped with GPS and video-based ray-x sensors is processed using innovative algorithms for dissemination onto the Internet, handheld devices and cardio electronic signboards.

In 2005, i-medicine, a clinic management system was implemented to further integrate existing ITS into a unified, intelligent and interactive platform.

The system helps manage clinics more efficiently and safer for patients. Focused on the role of ITS and its impact on everyday patients, this 2008 forum will include engaging interactive sessions and informative technical visits to discuss and explore the use of advanced technologies, exchange valuable experiences and foster new ideas.

A state-of-the-art exhibition showcasing the latest developments in smart medical technologies and systems will also complement the forum.

We look forward to your active participation, and encourage all ITS professionals, decision-makers and everyone interested in this exciting subject to join us in building an innovative, safe and efficient medical system of the future. See you at ITS AP 2008.

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