The Acne and Diet Connection

Acne, the troublesome, unattractive pimples that form on the face, neck and back, has long been a mystery to the medical world. Theories abound about what actually causes acne. Is it hormones? Teenagers are most prone to acne and their hormones are often raging. Is it genetic? Often a parent with acne gives birth to a child who also suffers in the same way. Is it climate? Is it stress? There are many questions about the way acne works and what causes it. While for many years, medical experts insisted that food and acne were utterly unrelated, patients who suffered from acne talked about how their faces would break out after eating certain foods. Now the medical world is coming to see that indeed the connection between diet and acne may indeed be a valid one.

There may be connections between high glycemic foods, those high in sugars and acne. There may be a connection between foods that cause allergic reactions and acne. There may also be a connection between nutritional deficiencies and acne.

For high glycemic foods, there may be a cause and effect between eating a meal high in sugar and an outbreak of acne. Foods that have processed sugar in them, candy, and desserts are high on the glycemic index. So are goods high in carbohydrates. Some vegetables, corn among them, are high on the glycemic index. It is important for those suffering from acne to look up foods and see where they rate on the on the glycemic index and to chart the connection between those foods and the acne outbreaks.

Food allergies are the same. Acne sufferers must pinpoint which foods they may be allergic to, and to chart how it affects the outbreaks.

As for the connection between acne and food deficiencies, it is harder to chart. But a good series of lab tests can determine whether the acne sufferer is lacking in the key vitamins and minerals the body requires on a daily basis. If those deficiencies are found, then it is worth finding supplements and foods which provide the body’s needs to see if it help the acne outbreaks.

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